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How To Lose Weight With Interval Training

How To Lose Weight With Interval Training
Secret #1: Lose Weight In Intervals
There’s no doubt that walking and running both are very good for you. But, if you want to kick your burn into overdrive, it’s best to combine them. This is called interval training.

Weight Loss Interval training as it increases the amount of calories you burn, improves your level of fitness and doesn’t let you get bored with your exercise routine.

What exactly is it?

When you exercise using interval training, you change the intensity many times during the course of your exercise session.

For instance, you may follow a routine such as this:
• Walk for 5 minutes at a relaxed pace
• Lightly jog for 4 minutes
• Walk for 3 minutes
• Sprint for 2 minutes
• Walk for 3 minutes
• Lightly jog for 5 more; and so on.

Interval training stops your body from becoming used to your workout and it kicks your metabolism up. 

And, since you’re not consistently working at a high intensity, you can do the exercise for longer periods of time. 

Secret #2: Increase Muscle, Improve Metabolism
Just as with cardio, when you do the same weight training routine time after time, your muscles quit progressing.

They don’t grow and strengthen like they did in the beginning.

How do you stop this effect?

Work your muscles in a sequence, not the same ones day after day.

For example, you might work your upper body on Monday, your mid-section on Wednesday and lower body on Friday.

Do aerobic exercises on the in-between days so that you’re still burning calories but not overworking your muscles and stopping their growth.

By varying your weight lifting regimen, you’ll continue to see muscle gaining results.

And, as you learned above, the greater your muscle masses the greater number of calories you burn even when you aren’t doing anything active.

Move your muscles and they’ll move the fat!

Secret #3: Know Your Calorie Requirements
Before you can know how many calories you have to burn to lose weight, you have to know how many calories you burn while at rest.

This is called your basal metabolic rate, or BMR.

A simple calculation is:
• If you want weight loss, you have to consumer 12-13 calories per pound of body weight.
• If you want weight maintenance, you must have 15-16 calories per pound.
• If it’s weight gain you seek, you need 18-19 calories per pound of body weight.

So, if you weigh 150 pounds, you need to limit your daily calorie consumption to 1,800 calories to effectively drop weight.

There are other factors to consider such as gender, age, medical conditions and activity level.

If you want an amount that is specific for you, you may decide to use an online BMR calculator or find a health and fitness professional for help.

Secret #4: Exercise In Your Target Heart Zone
The best way to get results when you exercise is to keep your heart rate in what’s called your target heart rate range. This amount is the rate of your heart at rest plus 50-85%.

If you don’t have a heart monitor, you can also use the AHA endorsed “conversation pace” measurement. If you can keep a conversation while exercising, you’re likely at a good intensity.

However, if you’re able to sing then you’re not working out hard enough. On the other hand, if you can barely get one or two words out without feeling winded, you need to tone it down a little.

Secret #5: High Intensity Exercises To Ignite Weight Loss
There are a rare set of people that truly like to exercise.

Then there is most everyone else. So, how do you get the most calorie burning benefits in less time?

There are quite a few activities that will result in high net burn per hour. They include: (the amounts are for 1 hour of activity and are estimates)
• Running – 850 calories 
• Rollerblading – 550 calories
• Tae Kwon Do – 750 calories
• Stair Treadmill – 650 calories
• Basketball or Singles Tennis – 580 calories

Just for reference, the calories given above are for a person that weighs 160 pounds.

Weigh more than that and the amount of calories you’ll use if you do these exercises is even more than listed!

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